Reasons Most People Choose To Use Granite Tombstones

26 December 2019
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Once you lose a loved one, it's crucial to give them a memorable send-off. This will not only give you closure but show your respect for them. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by installing a tombstone on the grave. Although tombstones were initially used to mark a deceased's resting place and ensure they don't rise from the dead, the purpose has changed significantly over the years. Today, people use grave stones as a dedication to the departed, and that's why more work is put into designing them. Read More 

3 Ways of Recycling Funeral Flowers

26 August 2019
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If you have recently lost a loved one, a lot of people may be preparing to send flowers to the funeral. While receiving a lot of flowers can be very touching as it shows how loved and appreciated the deceased person was, you may be left wondering what to do with the bouquets and wreaths once the funeral service is over. Read on to discover 3 ways you can recycle the flowers from a funeral. Read More 

All You Need to Know About Prepaid Funerals.

29 July 2019
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Funeral preparations can strain your family finances. To counter such situations, some people opt for prepaid funerals. A prepaid funeral is when you set aside funds to cater for funeral expenses such as the casket, funeral ceremony, and a memorial. Read the article below to know the various considerations to make when planning a prepaid funeral.  Funding It may be difficult for your family members to access your bank accounts immediately once you pass on. Read More 

Things to Do When Planning the Length of a Funeral Service

8 July 2019
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If you've never planned a funeral service before, there are plenty of questions you may need to ask. One of the most common queries is how long a funeral service should be. Most venues will offer set booking slots, usually of one hour, and many people find it hard to decide how long to book in case they run over or have too much time. There's no right answer when it comes to the length of a funeral service, but there are some things you can do to get a clearer idea. Read More 

How to Avoid the High Cost of Funerals

2 July 2019
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Unfortunately, death can be a final expense that not everyone can afford. The cost of a funeral in Australia can range from $4000 to a massive $15,000. If the thought of having to spend so much money is causing you concern, you may wish to explore cheaper ways to bid farewell to the world. Read on to find out more. Take out a funeral plan A funeral plan can be a great way of spreading the cost of your funeral. Read More