All You Need to Know About Prepaid Funerals.

29 July 2019
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Funeral preparations can strain your family finances. To counter such situations, some people opt for prepaid funerals. A prepaid funeral is when you set aside funds to cater for funeral expenses such as the casket, funeral ceremony, and a memorial. Read the article below to know the various considerations to make when planning a prepaid funeral. 


It may be difficult for your family members to access your bank accounts immediately once you pass on. However, you could set up a joint bank account containing funeral funds with your spouse or close family member. Once you die, the funds are available to him or her. Alternatively, you could leave the money to someone you trust. 


Another way to get a prepaid funeral is by taking out a life insurance plan. Once you pass away, the insurance company will pay funeral benefits to your immediate family to cater for your funeral expenses. 

You could also opt for a prepaid funeral plan from your funeral home. Your loved ones will not receive any payouts from the funeral home. Instead, the funeral home will plan your funeral alongside your loved ones and make payments to service providers. The main benefit of this coverage is that the bereaved have adequate time to mourn. They are also relieved of the tedious task of planning the funeral. However, conduct some due diligence to ensure that the funeral home you work with is reputable, reliable and experienced. 

The Funeral Director

A funeral director will play a critical role in planning your funeral. He or she will help out in the following; 

  • Funeral planning. An experienced director will assist you in choosing a funeral theme, appropriate burial method and venue.
  • Budgeting. The director will provide estimates to help you to prepare a budget. This way, you will know how much you will need to save.
  • The director can help you choose a suitable funeral home and a suitable funeral plan.
  • He or she can organise counselling sessions for your loved ones. 

Immediate Family

It is difficult to discuss death with your immediate family. However, inform them of your plans to have a prepaid funeral. Preferably, introduce them to your funeral director and ask them to make suggestions on how they would want the funeral planned. 

A prepaid funeral gives your family peace of mind and adequate time to mourn once you pass on. You could choose to reserve cash for the funeral, take out life insurance or set up a prepaid funeral plan. Involve your funeral director and family members when making preparations.