Three Important Decisions to Make When Pre-Arranging Your Funeral

15 March 2023
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Pre-arranging your funeral is a great idea for many reasons, whether you want to control small details of your service or reduce your family's stress. This article lays out a few of the most important decisions to make when pre-arranging a funeral.

Decide How Much You Want to Pay

In addition to pre-arranging your funeral, you might also be pre-paying for it. This is a good idea for many reasons, as it gives you a level of control over your funeral and takes stress and financial worry away from your family after you die. It's important to decide how much you want to pay for your funeral. Think about the type of funeral you want. The more people you want to attend, and the more ornate you want it to be, the more it will cost. Speak to your funeral provider about the exact costs and what you can afford.

Choose Between Burial and Cremation

Choosing between burial and cremation is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make. It not only dictates what will be done with your remains but can often affect what your funeral is like and where it's held. Some people have a gut feeling that they want one or the other, but it's perfectly normal to be undecided. Spend some time researching the pros and cons of each, from the cost to your personal beliefs and traditions. There is no wrong choice, but it's important you make an informed choice for yourself.

Outline Any Key Details of Your Funeral

Finally, you might want to outline some details of your funeral when pre-arranging. This could be big things, like where the funeral takes place and who is invited. However, it can also be tiny details, such as the music you'd like to play as people take their seats and what type of flowers you want. You might also want to direct friends and family to donate to charity instead of buying flowers or decide whether you want any religious elements in your service. Your plan can be as detailed or as loose as you like, depending on your family circumstances.

By deciding how much you want to pay, choosing between burial and cremation, and writing down the details of your funeral, you can effectively pre-arrange your funeral, taking a weight off your mind.

For information about how to pre-arrange funerals, contact a professional near you.