Reasons Most People Choose To Use Granite Tombstones

26 December 2019
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Once you lose a loved one, it's crucial to give them a memorable send-off. This will not only give you closure but show your respect for them. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by installing a tombstone on the grave. Although tombstones were initially used to mark a deceased's resting place and ensure they don't rise from the dead, the purpose has changed significantly over the years. Today, people use grave stones as a dedication to the departed, and that's why more work is put into designing them.

If you have decided to install a gravestone on your loved one's final resting place, you'll need to pick an ideal material. One of the best materials that has gained popularity over the years is granite. This granular igneous rock is hard and consists of mica, quartz and feldspar. Its natural shade varies from light to dark grey and white to pink, but it can still be customised to attain a precise appearance. Why should you consider granite over other tombstone materials? Keep reading to know more.

Lasts long

As you choose a headstone material, it's crucial to ensure that it can last for many years and withstand different weather conditions. Granite is strong and durable, so it can easily endure weathering and time. It will not fall apart or change its form because it can resist natural discolouration and wear and tear. Usually, its weathering is determined by temperature, water or rock composition, so if the factors favour your locality, a granite tombstone will last longer.

It's inexpensive

Organising a funeral can be costly, especially if the expenses aren't covered by an insurance company. For this reason, you'll need to make smart choices while planning the funeral. Expenses like buying the casket, flowers and tombstone, getting a venue and hiring funeral experts must be minimised if money is a concern. Luckily, a granite gravestone will not cost you much. Make sure you check out several suppliers and compare the quotes before you buy.

Easy to clean

Elements like dust, water and bird droppings will accumulate on the tombstone. Therefore, it's essential to choose a gravestone material that's easy to maintain. Granite can be cleaned with water and a liquid detergent. You can always DIY or ask one of your loved ones to help. The only time you'll need an expert's help is when the stone gets worn out, and repairs are needed to avoid further damage.

Contact a company that sells tombstones to learn more about your options.