Why a Separate Memorial Service Can Be a Fitting Tribute to Your Loved One

3 November 2020
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If you've just had to say goodbye to someone who was not only a beloved family member but well established within the community, you'll want to allow people to pay tribute. You may decide to hold a small, private service for immediate family members only, but you may want to stage a more extensive memorial service in due course. What do you need to consider as you plan this occasion? Read More 

Together Forever: Do You and Your Partner Want to Share a Final Resting Place?

29 July 2020
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There's an Adelaide-based archaeologist who believes that there are hundreds of thousands of unmarked graves in Australia's cemeteries. Over the centuries, records have been lost and grave markings have been damaged or destroyed, and so it turns out that Australian cemeteries might be far more crowded than originally thought. Still, there are times when crowding might be encouraged and entirely deliberate. When someone wants their final resting place to be with their beloved husband or wife, a companion plot makes it possible for two people to be with each other forever. Read More