Together Forever: Do You and Your Partner Want to Share a Final Resting Place?

29 July 2020
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There's an Adelaide-based archaeologist who believes that there are hundreds of thousands of unmarked graves in Australia's cemeteries. Over the centuries, records have been lost and grave markings have been damaged or destroyed, and so it turns out that Australian cemeteries might be far more crowded than originally thought. Still, there are times when crowding might be encouraged and entirely deliberate. When someone wants their final resting place to be with their beloved husband or wife, a companion plot makes it possible for two people to be with each other forever.

Companions in Life

A companion plot is largely self-explanatory. It's a burial plot designed for two people who were companions in life and want to share a final resting place. Sometimes this can be two separate burial plots, but not always.


In terms of the financial outlay, purchasing dual plots at the cemetery for yourself and your partner is going to be the most expensive option. This ensures you and your partner will be resting side-by-side, either with a shared gravestone or individual markers. These side-by-side plots are not the only option though.

Double Depth

You can also opt for a single shared plot that will be dug for double depth. Whoever passes away first is buried at the maximum depth, before the plot is filled in once again. When the plot needs to be used again, there is adequate space to bury a second casket on top of the first. The gravestone will be shared, with names and dates (and an epitaph of your choosing) added when the time comes.


A single, double-depth plot is by far the most cost-effective option for ensuring that you and your beloved will be buried together for all eternity. Not only does it save on cemetery fees, but it also ensures that you and your partner will, in fact, be able to be buried together. This is not a given since Australia's cemeteries are beginning to run out of space.  


Another option is for you and your partner to opt for cremation. Your ashes can then be stored together, scattered together at the same location, or buried in the same plot. This last option gives you a shared final resting place, and a burial plot for urns containing cremated remains will be less expensive than a plot designed to accommodate two caskets.

When you and your partner shared this life and want to be together for whatever comes next, then a joint burial plot is something you and your partner will need to discuss.

For more information, contact a cemetery.