Important Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Headstone

28 January 2021
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Having to purchase a headstone for a deceased loved one is undeniably a heart-wrenching experience. Not only are you dealing with the emotions of losing someone close to you, but you are likely also burdened with the intricacies of ensuring that they have a memorable send-off worthy of the life that they loved.

Thus, the last thing you would want is to stress yourself over making the right choice, more so if this is the first time that you are shopping for a headstone. Fortunately, this is one aspect of the planning process that you can simplify with the right guidance. To make this process smooth for you, here are a couple of important factors to consider when selecting a headstone.

Determine the predetermined stipulations of your selected cemetery

One thing some people are unaware of is that cemeteries have predetermined stipulations in place that regulate the types of headstones employed. Admittedly, the final decision is ultimately yours. Nevertheless, if you and the cemetery cannot agree, you will have to adjust your plans regarding the final resting place of your loved one.

Take note, though, that these rules are not excessive to a point that all headstones have to appear identical. Usually, they will encompass a few aspects, which include the width and height of the headstone, as well as the style of the grave marker. You should also keep in mind that the headstone should be able to fit within the plot available, so the dimensions of the land should be kept in mind too. 

Establish which supplies will be best for your long-term needs

The second consideration to have in mind when selecting a headstone for your deceased loved one is the materials that it should be made out of. A mistake that some grieving families make is thinking that the most expensive option will be the best, but you have to think about the future cost of owning that particular headstone. For example, marble tends to be a top choice for individuals looking to purchase an extravagant grave marker as a lavish parting gift. 

However, marble requires intensive maintenance if it is to stay pristine for years down the line. If you do not have the funds to pay for professional cleaning regularly, the headstone will deteriorate and will eventually need to be replaced. A better option would be to consider a material that is more weather-resistant, such as polished concrete, which happens to be quite affordable too.