Why Every Neighbourhood Should Restore Abandoned Properties

6 June 2019
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Restoring abandoned properties in your neighbourhood offers many benefits for everyone in your city and surrounding areas! If you notice that your city has an abandoned park, cemetery, playground, warehouse, store or other such spaces, note some advantages of restoring those buildings and properties and how this work benefits everyone in your area.

A Neighbourhood Affects Residential Property Values

The condition of your neighbourhood often has a direct effect on your property values. Abandoned buildings and overgrown vacant lots, as well as neglected and rundown parks, cemeteries, and other areas might lower your property values, as potential homebuyers won't pay as much for a house located near such unsightly spaces. Abandoned buildings and rundown parks or cemeteries might also attract vagrants as well as rats, mice, and other such pests, also lowering your property values.

On the other hand, restored parks, playgrounds, and even cemeteries protect your property values and potentially even increase the value of your home. Potential homebuyers might want a house near an attractive playground, or a restored cemetery might add a bit of historic charm to a city so that your home becomes more desirable to home buyers and your property values increase.

Restored Properties Often Help Local Businesses

Restoring parks, playgrounds or older buildings in your city might result in families from other areas visiting those spaces to do activities like touring restored historic buildings and old cemeteries or bringing their children to your newly designed playgrounds. Those visitors might then frequent local convenience stores, theatres, and other businesses in your city, resulting in increased revenue for the local area.

New businesses might also be more inclined to locate a store, theatre, or production facility in a neighbourhood with parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, and other properties in good condition, while avoiding neighbourhoods with abandoned buildings and overgrown parks and cemeteries! New stores, shops, production facilities, and other such businesses mean more job opportunities for residents.

Property developers might also purchase newly restored buildings, turning them into apartments or other affordable housing. Your city council might also realize that a newly restored building is a perfect choice for a museum, school, firehouse, or other structure your area needs; buying and remodelling a restored building might be cheaper than having a new structure built, saving local taxpayers some money! A restored park or cemetery might also provide an area for walking trails, lush landscaping and park benches, all of which add to the appearance of a city and which improve the look of your neighbourhood overall.

If you're looking for help with cemetery restoration or property cleaning, call your local professionals near you.