Important Things to Note About Choosing Headstones

31 May 2019
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Headstones made of granite and bronze are on top when it comes to the favoured materials. They are both durable and require a lot less maintenance than other materials. In fact, there are some cemeteries that only permit these two materials to be used for headstones, so you may want to find out before finalising everything. With that in mind, you need to know what are the things to consider when you are choosing headstones for your loved one. Find out what the other factors you need to look at are.

Texture and Colour

Granite should always remain shiny, and it is available in different colours, including dark grey, black, pink, blue, green or red. The benefit of using granite is it can withstand any weather. Marble is another popular choice. Marble comes in white and is ideal for carving. However, marble could suffer from weathering and especially if it is acid rain. The other concern is that you need to clean it twice a year if you want it to retain its original colour. Other common materials are slate, sandstone, York stone, limestone, Portland stone and hornstone.


You need to consider the capacity of the manufacturer in making headstones. Make sure they can create something that fits your specifications and style. Whether you want a specific colour, a special etching or a particular material, make sure that your wishes can be met by the design team.

Marker Information

The majority of headstones include the person's full name, birthdate and death date. When you are reviewing the information with the dealer, ensure that the spelling of the name is correct and the dates are exact. An epitaph could simply say "loving mother" or it can have more elaboration, like a favourite verse, a longer description or a quote. Make sure that it reflects the person's personality and the life they lived.


You can balance the ideal memorial by choosing what is both practical and affordable. What are the designs and materials that match your budget? A company that is experienced in making headstones will put their effort into finding the strongest and most beautiful options that can fit your budget.

Types of Headstones

The traditional headstone comes in a variety of options, including tablets, capped stones, blocks, plaques or sculptured crosses. Steles, which are sculptured reliefs, are popular for making nameplates and mounted pedestals.

You will be faced with a lot of choices when choosing headstones, so make sure you know what you want and what can fit in your budget.