Can You Pre-Plan a Funeral? How to Make Sure Your Last Wishes Are Respected

2 August 2023
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As hard as it may be to acknowledge your own mortality, it is crucial to plan ahead and make sure that your final wishes are respected when you pass away. And one of the best ways to do so is by pre-planning your own funeral, but what do you need to know about this process? What's Involved? First things first, what exactly does pre-planning a funeral entail? Simply put, pre-planning a funeral means making all the arrangements for your future funeral ahead of time to be prepared when the date rolls around. Read More 

Three Important Decisions to Make When Pre-Arranging Your Funeral

15 March 2023
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Pre-arranging your funeral is a great idea for many reasons, whether you want to control small details of your service or reduce your family's stress. This article lays out a few of the most important decisions to make when pre-arranging a funeral. Decide How Much You Want to Pay In addition to pre-arranging your funeral, you might also be pre-paying for it. This is a good idea for many reasons, as it gives you a level of control over your funeral and takes stress and financial worry away from your family after you die. Read More